Say Wha'?
4. mindfuck
A process of raping your intelligence; never accompanied by a pre-lubricant; doesn’t leave you with an endorphine high and craving a peanutbutter and jelly sandwich or a cigarette. Rarely are dinner and drinks bought for you before or after the act; most often tried on an unsuspecting victim,penetration has less friction; the perpetrator will rarely call you the next day; A passive-agressive way to get their money shot, no happy ending for you.
I just read The New York Times and watched 2 hours of Fox news, now I don’t know which hand to wipe with…what a mindfuck.
This actually made me make this noise “eeiii!!” ^.^

This actually made me make this noise “eeiii!!” ^.^

Lister: So what does it feel like, death?
Rimmer: Its like being on holiday with a group of Germans.

How did I ever get away with watching this when I was little.. ? o.O

It’s not even that good, but I still love it :D